Femoral Condyle prosthetic knee joint component

Product NO. Size ML AP
B520101 2L 55 47
B520102 4L 58 50
B520103 6L 62 55
B520104 8L 66 59
B520105 10L 70 62
B520106 12L 73 66
B520107 14L 76 70
B520108 2R 55 47
B520109 4R 58 50
B520110 6R 62 55
B520111 8R 66 59
B520112 10R 70 62
B520113 12R 73 66
B520114 14R 76 70

Products Details

We provide you with high flexion knee systems, restrictive knee systems and custom tumor knee prostheses. A total surface knee replacement prosthesis generally consists of a femoral ankle, a tibial tray, and a tibial pad. Its components are available in a variety of specifications to meet clinical needs. High flexion knee joint system: open box rearward shift design, preserves bone volume, maintains the continuity of the anterior cortical bone, small radius J-shaped design of the posterior malleolus of the femur, optimized cam design, convenient for high flexion, 3-degree ridge of the tibial tray medullary cavity stem Posteriorly inclined, anatomical tibial tray design increases the coverage of the tibial osteotomy surface, improves the tibial spacer post, and increases the femoral roll in high flexion. The tibial spacer is chamfered in front to reduce the impact with the patella during deep flexion. The trochlear groove of the femoral ankle is long, deep and lateral to optimize the trajectory of the femur, which can limit the general fit of the knee joint prosthesis. Restrictive knee joint system: suitable for complex primary knee replacement and knee revision replacement, adapt to lateral instability and flexion gaps, J-curve, multi-radius design in line with human anatomy, used in conjunction with medulla needle to restore the knee joint Stability, post widening and heightening design, realizes the limitation of internal and external soil turning ±1.2 degrees, internal and external rotation ±2 degrees, symmetrical tibial tray design, 0 degree retroversion angle, better recovery of extension and flexion gap, different specifications and models of pads, meet clinical needs need. Total knee joint system: femoral ankle prosthesis anterior malleolus elevation angle of 5 degrees to avoid notch; inter-ankle fossa is anterior to reduce osteotomy, femoral ankle patella chute moves outward and deepens, patella is not easy to dislocate, tibial pad adopts cassette and The screw is double-locked, the contact surface of the tibial tray is highly polished, and the tibial tray wing handle ensures the stability of the cement curing process. Customizing the knee joint requires you to provide detailed parameters, such as CT films, MRI pictures and other information, so that we can customize the most accurate and reasonable products for you.titanium alloy, cobalt chromium molybdenum alloy, ultra-high molecular polyethylene, etc.femoral condyle, tibial plateau, poly insert, extension rod, etc.The current artificial knee replacement technology and the very advanced design of high knee flexion enable patients to have a high quality of life after surgery, and also provide a variety of revision and tumor knee prosthesis for complex knee surgery. Better product design and a variety of models have further improved the surgical effect. Total knee replacement is very mature in clinical application. Offers multiple solutions for patients and physicians.unicondylar replacement, total knee replacement, rheumatoid arthritis and other clinical scenarios that need to be replaced.
Product name Product NO. Size ML AP
Femoral CondyleFemoral Condyle B520101-B520102 2L-4L(Interval 2L) 55-58(Interval 3) 47-50(Interval 3)
B520103-B520104 6L-8L(Interval 2L) 62-66(Interval 4) 55-59(Interval 4)
B520105-B520107 10L-14L (Interval 2L) 70-76(Interval 3) 62-70(Interval 4)
B520108-B520109 2R-4R (Interval 2R) 55-58(Interval 3) 47-50(Interval 3)
B520110-B520111 6R-8R(Interval 2R) 62-66(Interval 4) 55-59(Interval 4)
B520112-B520114 10R-14R (Interval 2R) 70-76(Interval 3) 62-70(Interval 4)
Product name Product NO. Size ML AP
Tibial Plateau(HFS)Tibial Plataeu(HFS) B530101-B530103 2L-6L(Interval 2L) 60-68 (Interval 4) 42-48(Interval 4)
B530104-B530106 8L-12L(Interval 2L) 71-77 (Interval 3) 50-54(Interval 2)
B530107-B530109 2R-6R (Interval 2R) 60-68 (Interval 4) 42-48(Interval 3)
B530110-B530112 8R-12R (Interval 2R) 71-77(Interval 3) 50-54(Interval 2)
Product name Product NO. Size Thickness
Poly Insert(HFS)Femoral Condyle B540101-B540104 2-4 9-15(Interval 2)
B540201-B540204 6-8 9-15(Interval 2)
B540301-B540304 10-12 9-15(Interval 2)
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